About The Founder

I am the founder and owner of Asian Homestyle Cooking, LLC. I have 15+ years of culinary experience in NYC, China, and Vermont. I love all types of Asian food, especially Asian comfort food, small eats, and street food. My love for Asian comfort food stems from living in the heart of NYC Chinatown and living in predominantly Asian neighborhoods in Brooklyn where I was lucky enough to grow up within walking distance to wonderful and amazing foods everyday. 

I always gravitated towards Asian appetizers more than everything else there – they were delicious, cheap, and easy to eat, what’s not to love? I always felt that my journey with food has strengthened over time as it has been what connects me most to my Asian culture. This solidified even further through my travels all over Asia and when I did my culinary training in Hangzhou, China in 2012.

JinLi Cooking
JinLi in the kitchen

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When I moved to the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont there were little to no Asian food options. This is when I craved Asian appetizers the most. I wanted to recreate these dishes to make Asian comfort food readily available and approachable in the area. 

Asian Homestyle Cooking was therefore created in 2013- some of you might know me fondly as “The Dumpling Lady” where I sold food at local farmer’s market for seven seasons. I shifted the business to selling frozen appetizers and handcrafted condiments to accommodate customers with busy lifestyles who want the quality of homemade food without having to get take-out.

Locally Made

All of the products sold here are individually, locally made, and handcrafted by using authentic Asian spices, sauces, cooking techniques, and methods. All of the items created are made with the freshest meat & produce and I strive to support local businesses & farms whenever possible. I am so excited to be sharing my love of Asian comfort food with you in the Northeast Kingdom!

Asian Homestyle Cooking Farmer's Market

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things