Private Chef

Asian Homestyle Cooking provides delicious and simple Asian dishes customized to your preferences and taste in the comfort of your own home!

Contact me to arrange a consultation to discuss your dietary needs, allergies, your likes and dislikes, and other preferences. After agreeing on a date, as your private chef, I will be responsible for shopping for groceries, preparing the food in your own kitchen, and cleaning up. After preparing the meal, I will label and package the food into microwavable containers and leave you with detailed instructions on how to reheat. The choices for meals are endless! Make sure to check out the ‘Menu’ page for the options!

Pricing includes the cost of groceries, packaging, cleaning, Vermont state tax on sales of prepared meals, and the preparation of the meal. Additional fees may be added for special dietary restrictions, hard to find ingredients, travel charges, and/or others which will be discussed during the consultation.

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